Nicholas Veniamin - About Me

Hello Patriot!

You might be thinking to yourself, “Who is this Nicholas Veniamin guy?”


Well here’s a bit about me: I am a Greek Cypriot and was born and raised in London U.K; and proud to be British! 

I woke up to reality when I was 18 years of age. And by the time I turned 23, I found out that the Deep-State was so corrupt that it made me feel there was nothing that would put an end to globalism or world domination.


So then, I decided to forget about it and just make the best of my life. 

However, years later, at the age of 30 and while at Law school, the world got hit by “Covid”, as Donald Trump likes to refer to it as “The China Virus”. 


It was at this point, during the shut downs, that I had the time to research further into the matter. It was that moment I felt convinced that we had a chance of taking down the Deep-State and giving humanity the chance to reclaim its God-given-rights and that ‘We The People’ had a genius (namely – President Donald J Trump!). 


This Was The Great Turning Point In My Life. 


Something in my gut was telling me that I should do something to try and make a good difference in the world; this was the path that felt right for me; this was our last chance to wake as many people up, as possible, and put the power back into The People!  


This, consequently, led me to a significant circle of other fellow patriots who were on the same path of truth and disclosure.  

YouTube was a great platform to share our discoveries and opinions and, unfortunately, led to a huge amount of censorship, which also brings me to the understanding as to why you are here today. 

My website, which you are now on, is uncensored, full of truth and discovery. 


I hope you continue this journey of truth with me where we can make it possible to achieve a better life for the people on a global scale. 

If I had one wish, I would want to be the President’s broadcaster for ‘We The People’ leading us into the Free World!

So enjoy exploring this website, watching my recent videos, and even becoming part of our We The People Membership if you’d like to join my weekly webinars and get access to other bonuses.